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Spring Garden Elementary
Primary Use:School
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown


Getting into this place is probably one of the funnier things i've expierienced when i think about it. Travis, Ange and I were supposed to meet our friend nick on the roof, he was already there with his wife. It had just started raining hard so we parked and pretty much made a straight line to the entrance, only to find there was some people hanging out under the overhang we needed to be at to get in, so we walked right on by and back to the car. we had to drive around a bit, every so often going right by people until they left. When all of the waiting was finally over we got to the window, which was about a foot wide by a foot hight, and 6 feet off the ground, seems pretty easy. travis goes up and in, i go up and in, then ange puts her arms up, jumps and hangs. She cant get in, so we try to pull her up but apparently she has no upper body streghth. we threw a chair out the window, not high enough, added some 4x4 blocks, still not enough. so me and nick look for another way for her to get in, just our luck the front door only locks from the inside. so we open it on up, i go back to let them know but she's still trying to get in the window and doesn't want to give up yet. I went back to tell nick and when we got back we found that travis and hillary just pulled her up and dragged her through the window, bruising the entire front of her body. it was by far the funniest building entry i've ever seen.


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Jellyfish arms
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