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Salem Jail
Primary Use: Jail
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year:


For a long time I had heard it was nearly impossible to get into this jail. Some people I know had pictures from the outside looking in. Not too many people if any were getting into it for years. In 2006 I heard about a possible but difficult entrance that could be used, and we got right out there to try to use it. It worked and Travis and me got in with a little bit of cuts and scratches on my part.

About a month later I tried it again with Keith, as we're approaching the entrance we notice a bunch of loud, drunken homeless kids hanging out right under our entrance, and they are drawing a lot of attention. After talking to them for a bit we realized; if these guys get busted they're the type to tell the cops "we're just drinking, why don't you arrest someone actually breaking the law some kids just went in there" so we talked them into coming inside, in hopes to control the situation little more, and it worked for just long enough for Keith to see everything. As we were leaving the kids started getting out of hand and smashing bottles on the ground. So, we got the hell out of there.


Photo Sets

One Early Morning
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: July 2006
Taken With: Nikon D50
24 Photos

A Short Trip with Keith
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: August 2006
Taken With: Nikon D50
11 Photos

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