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Rocky Point
Primary Use: Amusement Park
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown


Long before I got interested in exploring my friend Greg had mentioned trying to get into the old rocky point park to see what's left. I had never been there as a kid but most of my friends had, so we decided we'd check it out, we drove out there and Keith and I hopped the fence only to be greeted by lights coming down the road towards us. So we ran like hell jumped back over the fence, hopped into the car and got out of there, years went by and when I started getting into urban exploring we heard it mentioned a few times, but never went until after they started working on it,

A few months before I got my first chance Keti went with some friends and got in without a problem. When we went my first time we didn't have any issues but my camera battery died right off the bat after a few shots. So we went back a couple weeks later, but this time we got caught and detained by police, for the first time, ever.

The cop snuck up on us really well I have to commend him for that. He scolded us for being there and told us to pull our film and we explained we had digital cameras then he told us when we get released he'd better not see any pics from us on the web. He asked for our licenses and said nothing for a second, and then out of nowhere he says "Mass huh?" so I replied quickly "yeah." To our complete surprise he says "I'll follow you the exit and if I ever catch you in here again it's going to be jail for both of you."

We got to the gate and Keti tried to jump over, we didn't want him to see the way we had gotten in through a hole further down, then something really shitty happened, the sharp end of the fence went right through her hand. She screamed and hopped down. The cop starts yelling at us and telling us to leave the way we came in, I tried to tell him we hopped over the first time but Keti just got a fence piece though her hand but he stopped me by yelling over me saying "use the hole in the fence!", I was completely baffled because he followed us pretty far away from the hole we used, then he continued "It's right over there" and points into the woods on the opposite side, and there it is a huge hole in the fence.

I felt like an idiot, but we took it out and went walked back towards the car, a few cruisers drove by but none of them stopped us even though we had clearly just been inside the park with no trespassing signs everywhere. There was no cruisers sitting at the car or anything so we just got out of there, after a small argument on my part that we should just go back in, Keti wasn't havin it.


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This time the battery is charged
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: June 2006
Taken With: Nikon d50
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