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Abandoned Train in RI
Primary Use: Train
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown


Travis and I were in the area for some reason, cant remember why but since we were in the area we stopped by this abandoned train he had been to before, it's not rediculously interesting but if you can find it and your in the area check it out, i'm actually not 100% sure where we were but be warned a police officer lives bordering the property the train is on and he seems to act like it's his duty to bust anyone that steps foot on it, as Travis had found out the last time he was there.


Photo Sets

In the Area
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: April 2007
Taken With: Nikon d50
07 Photos

All Aboard
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: August 2008
Taken With: Nikon d50
014 Photos

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