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Newark Jail
Primary Use: Prison
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown


We left for newark at 3am after keti and travis getting some sleep, i stayed awake to be the alarm. So the three of us piled into travis's car, and th next thing i know we're in a rest stop parking lot in NJ. This happens pretty much every time, I cant seem to stay awake fo car rides out of state unless i'm the one driving. We were only a couple of miles away at this point. After about 10 more minutes of driving we were right outside the jail. It seemed like a really slummy area of town, but the few people we ran into at that very early hour of the morning seemed pretty friendly. I could tell just from the 1 second driving by there was a hundred ways into this place. We quickly went through a hole in the fence and into the building. I proceeded to shoot an entire set at 1600 ISO without noticing. By the time i finished reshooting everything at 200 keti and travis had already been in and out of the entire place, and had to wait for me. In the last cell block i went into i noticed that there had been quite a bit of scrapping going on, so be warned of that additional danger if you decide to check this place out.


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Taken in: April 2007
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