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Medfield State Hospital
Primary Use: State Hospital
Open Year: 1896
Close Year: 2003


My original visit to this hospital was on a camera free grounds tour in 2004. This particular state hospital allows that you can sign in and walk the grounds but you cant bring a camera. I made several attempts to get into the place but failed each time until recently. I found that one of my old friends that i hadn't talked to much in years was very familiar with the place. He showed me around many of the buildings over the course of several months until I saw each one of them, by then it had become like a second home to us, so we spent several days a week there just hanging out and dodging security all day/night.

In and around 2008 a movie called Shutter Island was filmed at Medfield State Hospital. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio at an island hospital called Ashecliff. Massive movie sets were created on site including major alterations to the Lee Building(Chapel)'s exterior, and a large wall around the campus, both of which were removed after filming. Sets still remain in the buildings, and papers with vague mention of the movie can be found here and there. One of the more notable scenes was filmed in the hallway of the Department of Corrections building also known to Medfield State Hospital regulars as "The D. O. C." or S-1/S-2


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