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Gaebler State School
Primary Use: Mental Health Facility
Open Year: 1945
Close Year: 1992


My first visit was with Keith on Christmas day in 2003, we were in the area looking for met state, and since we had previously no idea how big to expect a state hospital to be, we thought we had found it, so we parked at a nearby nature preserve walked straight though the woods, when we got up to it, we tried to find an open way in but had no luck, and with no flashlights and no tools of any kind we were forced to give up and head back. On the way back we took a trail this time instead of walking straight through the woods and across a river, much to our surprise we found ourselves in the middle of a huge abandoned campus of buildings which ended up being the real met state. When we got home we found that the first building we had been to was the actually Gaebler State School.


Photo Sets

The Most Rediculously Humid Day Ever
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: May 2004
Taken With: Fuji Finepix 2650
14 Photos

Nice view of Boston
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: September 2005
Taken With: Fuji s5100
18 Photos

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