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Federal School
Primary Use:School
Open Year: Unknown
Close Year: Unknown


As far as i know, the story of this school goes as follows. Years ago someone bought the land with the intent to reuse the land and demolish the building, then started the demolition without permits and was unable to get permission to finish, and since then the school as heen sitting half demolished. It looked the the easiest way in was right out in the open and would get the cops called on us by the neighbors. So we decided mid day while people were all hanging out outside thier houses was a bad plan. while travis was heading back to the car i checked for another way in and found one. first thing we did was look for stairwells but we found all of them had been collapsed in demolition, luckily there was a whole in the first floor and we climbed up on a door and through some pipes to get to the next floor. the next floor we werent so lucky we had to climb get over to a half collapsed stairwell and the first 7 feet all the way to the first landing were missing. for a half demolished school in the middle of a thickly settled neighborhood it was pretty cool


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School in the City
Set by: Matt Fallout
Taken in: May 2009
Taken With: Canon Rebel Xti
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