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Welcome to Fallout-UE.com

My Name is Matt Plante also known in some circles as "Matt Fallout". For just short of decade I've been obsessed with getting into abandoned structures, campuses, buildings, etc. I started this website to catolog my exploits. Though I rarely update it, I've met hundreds of people with this same passion to explore old abandoned places because of this site. Apparently it has also inspired many to jump into this hobby, and seek out others like us in thier own areas to find places to check out.

I learned about photography from other photographers that enjoy this hobby as much as me, probably too many to credit them all. But they know who they are. Fallout is a pretty good representation of my progression in photography. Starting with 0.3mp jpeg snapshots. Then scaling up into high resolution, somewhat composed photos over the years. Then into raw digital formats, and now a mixture of that and medium format film scans. If for some reason you want a print, email me and i'll send you back a fair price. For that matter If you want to email me for some other reason go ahead.

Matt Plante